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United Airlines United Club

ORDTerminal 2, Concourse F (seguridad interior)

United Club locations offer a wide range of amenities to make your experience productive and enjoyable. Relax in a sophisticated environment when you wait for your flight in the United Club.

Abierto en este momento4:30am - 10:00pm

Horario de atención

Monday4:30am - 10:00pmTuesday4:30am - 10:00pmWednesday4:30am - 10:00pmThursday4:30am - 10:00pmFriday4:30am - 10:00pmSaturday4:30am - 10:00pmSunday4:30am - 10:00pm

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O'Hare International Airport
O'Hare International AirportORDChicago, Illinois, United States
Ubicado en Terminal 2, Concourse F (seguridad interior). Across from Gate F8.
    Los tiempos de viaje son estimados y no están garantizados. Los aeropuertos pueden exigir que vuelva a pedir autorización al área de seguridad e inmigración para tener acceso al lounge. El área de control puede solicitar una tarjeta de embarque que salga de la terminal. Para los lounges VIP que se encuentren dentro del área de seguridad o inmigración, primero debe facturar su equipaje y obtener su pase de embarque.

    Comentarios (47)

    SatisfactorioStaff was rude. Place was clean, spacious and had plenty of snacks. Was not kid friendly like in Narita Airport.
    MiAugust 2018
    ExcelenteAllowed in with military ID and orders. Spacious, plenty of seating and decent food. Friendly staff.
    parkrowAugust 2018
    Necesita mejorarHere at 5:30am and breakfast spread is not worth $10, much less $56.
    AnonymousJune 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseStaff was very friendly and Club is very large but is indeed crowded at times.
    StevenDecember 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseHuge improvement than before renovation is great. New and tasty food. Laid out better. More options. And friendly staff. Lots of sitting. But does get full in the afternoon.
    Adam W. Selvidge October 2017
    ExcelenteBeautiful lounge with spacious bathrooms. Oatmeal, bagels, fruits, egg chorizo, and others for breakfast. 2 different food stations so no so packed. Bartender was nice but too early for booze.
    AngelaOctober 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat place, open, modern, and clean. Food is a bit slim and stops being made fairly early for a 10pm lounge closure.
    BryceAugust 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseFirst off, I love the fact that this lounge has charging outlets everywhere. The bar serves basic wine, beer and some "basic" liquors for free. Charges for the rest. Food is okay. Soup, salad, etc
    CharlesMay 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseBest United option at ORD (have yet to see the Concourse B or C updates, however). Spacious, quiet, and a lot of natural light.
    BPCHIDecember 2016
    ExcelenteBest United Club I have been to in several years. Renovated and comfortable. Can be very busy at times. No other ORD United Clubs take the one time passes. Hey United, what good is that perk for!!!
    AnonymousOctober 2016
    ExcelenteSpacious, modern and a good supply of food and drink.
    GregSeptember 2016
    SatisfactorioAn improvement from other United lounges but much room for improvement. Food selection not great and it was crowded. Staff was also slow and not very friendly. It may be due to all the delayed flights.
    IsabelAugust 2016
    ExcelenteFood is a step up from typical United lounges. Around 6:15 PM, they switched out the charcuterie for saag paneer and quinoa. Just needed some naan and it's a pretty decent Indian meal.
    ManeeshJuly 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseHonestly a pretty great domestic lounge for a US carrier. Service was great and club was their new style, so everything was new and well kept.
    MichaelJune 2016
    ExcelenteExcellent lounge. Great food selection and many complimentary food choices. Worth the $59.
    Lucas June 2016
    ExcelenteGreat lounge, nice restrooms, good snacks. Nice view of runway and taxiway.
    MatthewApril 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseWorth walking to terminal 2 for. Cozy, fresh, quiet.
    MikeApril 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseMuch nicer than the usual United lounge. Same food but really nice decor, bar, etc.
    David PalmerMarch 2016
    Necesita mejorarFlew on codeshare with Aer Lingus. Despite being a Gold Circle member, I was snubbed, no attempt was made to offer me option to pay for entry which I would have done happily had it been offered.
    StuieMarch 2016
    ExcelenteSimply the best United Club in the network.
    AnonymousMarch 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseA gorgeous United Club. Spacious, great views, and plenty of seats and outlets. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the E or F gates.
    ConradFebruary 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseSolid, usual food and drink. Nice, quiet atmosphere. Plenty of seating. Comfy.
    ZachJanuary 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat ambiance and lighting but only serves snacks.
    AmmJanuary 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseSleek and clean, nice tarmac views and reasonable food items.
    Retinol13January 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseIf it wasn't for the (lack of) food, it would be hard to ID this as a United Club. Spacious, bright, plenty of seating and outlets. More United Clubs should be like this.
    ordbkkDecember 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseThis new United Club looks great and has tremendous views of the airfield. The seating is nice, but otherwise it's just another domestic club. Could be worth a trip from B8, but no further.
    ChrisNovember 2015
    ExcelenteNicest UC at ORD. The food and bar selections are the same as every other UC. Since this club serves the overcrowded United Express gates, it's definitely a nice getaway.
    ChrisNovember 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat comfortable lounge with good food and excellent service.
    BobOctober 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseEnvironment: Excellent, sleeper friendly. Food/Beverage: Same with all domestic United Clubs.
    ChrisOctober 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseThis lounge has been recently renovated and is the nicest of all United clubs at O'Hare. The furnishings are modern and plenty of power ports at all seating areas. Espresso machine malfunctions often.
    skyrunnerMay 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseNicest United lounge in O'Hare. Large airy with showers, telephone rooms, and comfy nooks and crannies to relax.
    MarkMay 2015
    ExcelenteComfortable seating with nice views. Well designed and big, one of the better United Clubs
    RiteshDecember 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseMuch better than terminal C, same food but much brighter and larger! They are also good about letting military members enter! Less food than the ISO but you feel like fancy folk here, has an Amex vibe.
    JerryDecember 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseNice lounge, not too busy the couple of times I've been here.
    CarlDecember 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseComfortable lounge, limited food/snack options.
    MeBOctober 2014
    ExcelenteMost comfortable United Club with the friendliest staff at O'Hare. Great amenities!
    JustinJune 2014
    ExcelenteEasily the nicest United Club at ORD
    SamJune 2014
    SatisfactorioSlim pickings for food, and the bar isn't self-serve. This lounge isn't worth the $50 admission price.
    KevinApril 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseThis is a good lounge with lots of space and power outlets. It's easy to get in, but there's no food other than dry goods, cookies, and fruit.
    ChrisMarch 2014
    ExcelenteFor a domestic lounge, this one gets high marks. You'll find this lounge to be modern, clean, and well-stocked with snacks.
    TravisMarch 2014
    ExcelenteBrand new lounge that's very futuristic and modern-looking. There are private phone cubicles, different types of seating (couches, finally!), and vanity areas in bathrooms.
    LanaMarch 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseAs with most United Lounges, the food offered can be limited. The coffee is good though. Also, this lounge has lots of space and large windows.
    ChrisJanuary 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseAwesome customer service and great renovation! It's now sleek, and easy to isolate yourself for work. The bar area can get a little noisy, and the bartenders expect a tip each time (a bit awkward).
    RyanJanuary 2014
    ExcelenteAfter the remodel, this lounge is much improved and matches other United Club's floor plans. This lounge has a great bar, many outlets, and the best restrooms! Travel Safely! ~ @travelblawg
    palmerlawDecember 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseLounge with beautiful design, cool furniture, and built with the business traveler in mind. Stylish bar with light snacks and ample seating available as well.
    Tyler December 2013
    Vale la pena desviarseAs a first time "lounger," I'm more than pleased! I'm so glad I got a pass for the upcoming year.
    W. Adam SimmsDecember 2013
    Vale la pena desviarseThis is the nicest of the United Clubs in O'Hare. Great seating and nice bar. I have taken conference calls in their quiet booths and they are great.
    PatNovember 2013

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