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Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club

JFKTerminal 4, Concourse B (seguridad interior)

The Delta Sky Club is an award-winning retreat that allows relaxation, productivity, or both.

Abierto en este momento5:00am - 12:00am

Horario de atención

lunes5:00am - 12:00ammartes5:00am - 12:00ammiércoles5:00am - 12:00amjueves5:00am - 12:00amviernes5:00am - 12:00amsábado5:00am - 12:00amdomingo5:00am - 12:00am

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Información importante

  • This lounge is also accessible to American Express Platinum cardholders, but only when flying with Delta. If you utilize the "create trip" option, the lounge should show up as "free."


John F. Kennedy International Airport
John F. Kennedy International AirportJFKQueens, New York City, NYC, New York, United States
Ubicado en Terminal 4, Concourse B (seguridad interior). Between Gates 31 and 33
    Los tiempos de viaje son estimados y no están garantizados. Los aeropuertos pueden exigir que vuelva a pedir autorización al área de seguridad e inmigración para tener acceso al lounge. El área de control puede solicitar una tarjeta de embarque que salga de la terminal. Para los lounges VIP que se encuentren dentro del área de seguridad o inmigración, primero debe facturar su equipaje y obtener su pase de embarque.

    Comentarios (55)

    Vale la pena desviarseIt’s OK. Breakfast options are limited. No self serve soda machine. No alcohol before 8 am.
    Anonymousfebrero 2019
    Vale la pena desviarseThis lounge is always packed but it’s still better than most Sky Club locations. The service also suffers because of how crowded they are...
    Sanjeevoctubre 2018
    ExcelenteDefinitely better food than the lounge in terminal 2. The sky lounge is a nice concept but for NY summer it’s too toasty.
    Jessicajulio 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseGenerally above average Sky Club. The SkyDeck is nice and the lounge and showers are decent. Can’t get very packed at times though.
    Caseyjulio 2018
    Necesita mejorarInsanely busy lounge. Very difficult to find seats. The lounge is loud with no quiet area to truly rest. Slow food and bar service. If you have access to another lounge, use it.
    J Ben junio 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseGood lounge. I could access with my Amex Platinum. Decent buffet spread.
    Anonymousjunio 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseNo hot breakfast but otherwise a really nice lounge.
    Jim Hohlmayo 2018
    ExcelenteThis an excellent lounge. Lots of different spaces to stretch out in as well as various areas. Cushy chairs, workstations, outside space to watch planes take off and land. Bar and food were above par.
    Greg Grahamabril 2018
    ExcelenteVery spacious, decent food, great views!
    Anonymousabril 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseWarmly greeted and quickly ushered into a spacious lounge with lots of seating. There is a well tendered bar and small buffet for refreshments. Easy to use wifi and great terminal views.
    Simonenero 2018
    ExcelenteHello SkyDeck patio during summer time! Just excellent. Staff are the sweetest. The Skyroom (Quiet Room) currently under construction! Food always great.
    Raviana Renero 2018
    ExcelenteVery clean and beautiful lounge. Comfortable seats, good food and great showers!
    Anonymousdiciembre 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseSpacious, convenient, and clean lounge. Premium drinks for purchase, but plenty of free drinks and food. Tons of outlets and seating. Nothing fancy, but certainly helpful.
    Ryanseptiembre 2017
    ExcelenteA great lounge at Terminal 4. The sky deck is great when it's nice weather. Servers clearing dirty dishes will ask you if you would like another drink. Good food selection for US lounge.
    Chrisseptiembre 2017
    Necesita mejorarBad food, bad internet, crowded, but at least plenty of seats. Staff not so friendly as should be.
    Cmteseptiembre 2017
    ExcelenteOne of the nicest lounges i've been to in the US. Good food selection, plenty of seating, amazing staff. My flight is in another terminal, and I'm still in this lounge waiting for my flight.
    Annaagosto 2017
    Necesita mejorarI'm seriously tired of being turned away from Delta Sky Clubs. This is the 2nd time in a row that I'm not important enough to have access or even BUY access to the lounge.
    Tristajulio 2017
    ExcelenteAwesome lounge - hot foods, big bar, multiple drink stations, showers, and a patio. Only thing that kind of sucked was it was pretty packed (Thursday at 5pm).
    Alokjulio 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseOverall I thought this lounge was great. Reception was polite and helpful, space was varied & plenty of seating, but it was a Sunday. Food was usual Delta + some extra variety. Bright and relaxing.
    Mattmayo 2017
    ExcelenteA busy, well-run lounge with updated amenities and attentive service. Food was pretty good, with a good selection. A large space with varied seating options and lots of places to charge.
    Tedabril 2017
    SatisfactorioMad warm. Food choices are lacking for sure. If I have a choice. I won't come here again.
    Anonymousabril 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseNot too crowded on a Monday night.. food is pretty good and always well stocked! Plenty of seats available. And not difficult to find a quiet space.
    kaseyenero 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseVery large with plenty of seating decent food/drink selection with attentive staff. Not Centurion Lounge good but it's not bad for a domestic lounge.
    Keitanoviembre 2016
    SatisfactorioPluses include WiFi and showers. Minuses: harsh lighting, crowded, a line at the bar, charging for alcohol and terrible food.
    Anonymousseptiembre 2016
    SatisfactorioProbably among the best lounges in JFK. Spacious, good wifi, good food spread, nice terrace, tarmac view, good showers, etc. Two stars because charging for the bar at a flagship lounge is inexcusable.
    Anonymousagosto 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseSpacious, alot of seating. Here in the am. Bagels, yogurt, cereal, fruit. At 7pm starts hot food. Looks like it will be scrambled eggs and what not.
    Theresaagosto 2016
    ExcelenteWe visited this lounge after taking a red eye from Utah and before flying to Dubai. The breakfast and showers were great for the 29$ each we paid with the Amex.
    Miajulio 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseThe best domestic lounge I've been to.
    Harry Bullivant junio 2016
    ExcelenteThis is one of the larger and nicer SkyClubs that I have been to. I wish the SkyDeck had been open when I was visiting.
    Willjunio 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseMuch better than most US lounges. The outdoor area is amazing and great for watching planes. Free food selection was decent.
    Adamjunio 2016
    ExcelenteThis is such a vast improvement on former sad Delta lounges. The best part of flying Delta used to be the Skyteam lounge at Heathrow. Almost as good. Kale chicken Caesar salad was excellent tonight.
    Lisamayo 2016
    ExcelenteNot as large as I was expecting, actually. Great selection of snack foods, including an excellent gnocchi! Bar, not self serve, and it was too busy to approach. I'd go back for the food.
    Astorenero 2015
    ExcelenteShower is the best part of this lounge.
    Melis diciembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseNice, very large lounge with lots of seating. Limited snacks. Great views of airport.
    Markdiciembre 2015
    SatisfactorioBreakfast is meh....cold continental style offerings....the only hot food is lumpy oatmeal. Wingtips is way better food-wise. Lounge is clean & spacious otherwise, with lots of outlets.
    MeiMeinoviembre 2015
    ExcelenteOne of my favorite Sky Clubs. Large, clean, and has great food and coffee options including self serve Starbucks machines. Staff is friendly. Showers and sky deck are also a highlight.
    Philipnoviembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseSpacious lounge with cool decor. Typical Sky Club snack and drink offerings - not great. The deck is fantastic.
    Shanenoviembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat domestic lounge, with solid hit food and drink selections. Can get busy but not usually an issue with seating. Outside deck is awesome, even had a server coming around getting drink orders.
    Andrewnoviembre 2015
    ExcelenteThis is one of the nicest US lounges I've ever been in. Certainly top Delta domestic lounge. This lounge is HUGE. Probably 10 different sections. Food selection could be improved though.
    Levelloctubre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseExcellent US lounge; this lounge outshines the AA Flagship Lounge in its modern design, the friendly service, and the extensive paid menu. Lack of a large free buffet keeps it from being world class.
    Dennisseptiembre 2015
    ExcelenteBest Delta lounge in the USA for sure!
    Harris Burkhart junio 2015
    Necesita mejorarLike all Delta lounges - cheap. Low quality food. Crappy showers. Disappointing considering the price they charge for airfare.
    Amirfebrero 2015
    ExcelenteCame early in the morning so not many people. It's a nice perk!
    Chrisnoviembre 2014
    Necesita mejorarTypical "Delta Lets Everyone In" Lounge. Overcrowded and understaffed - too many chairs available at bar encourage credit card access persons to annex the bar for free Finlandia. Disappointing overall.
    Kyle Gibbonsnoviembre 2014
    ExcelenteReally big lounge and open late (Virgin kicked me out of the Clubhouse at 9pm). Really fast wifi and smooth check in process. Close to the Delta gates.
    Captainoctubre 2014
    ExcelenteGreat lounge, clearly the flagship for Delta. Don't forget to get a delicious breakfast on arrival to NYC.
    Patjunio 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseBy US Standards, this is a roomy, fantastic-looking lounge. However, only basic beverages and mediocre snacks are offered.
    Robertenero 2014
    ExcelenteVery spacious and nice lounge with a great patio. Good selections of snacks and beers. Bud/Coors/Miller is free. Nicer beers are not, but seems to discounted ($3 for a Stella).
    Denisdiciembre 2013
    SatisfactorioVery big, but disappointing that you have to pay for food and drinks, which are free in the KLM and Air France lounges. Very limited snack selection too. Not really worth it.
    Daviddiciembre 2013
    Necesita mejorarI wouldn't recommend paying for entry. When I was here, it was very crowded with a limited selection of free food and drinks.
    Judynoviembre 2013
    ExcelenteThis is probably the nicest Delta lounge in the U.S. They did a stellar job.
    Adamnoviembre 2013
    Vale la pena desviarseThis is a modern, spacious, and well-equipped lounge! On a nice day, be sure to check ou the amazing Sky Terrace!
    Tyler octubre 2013
    ExcelenteCheck out the SkyDeck to watch for planes.
    Levioctubre 2013
    Vale la pena desviarseThis place is alright: free snacks, and no self-service abilities.
    Alteseptiembre 2013
    ExcelenteThe SkyDeck is a great place for spotting. The lounge itself is nice and roomy with lots of plugs to charge devices. "Premium" cocktails are the only negative.
    Robertagosto 2013

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