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Primeclass Lounge

ISTInternational Terminal (seguridad interior)

Designed in a sophisticated style, the Primeclass Lounge offers ultimate comfort 24/7 with a host of amenities, including an open buffet of fresh and tasty snacks, personal massage chairs, internet access, TVs, newspapers and magazines, and shower facilities.

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Newspapers & Magazines
Printers & Copiers
Printers & Copiers
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
Spirits & Liquor
Spirits & Liquor
Premium Food
Premium Food
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Información importante

  • This lounge is only accessible for passengers departing on flights from the International Terminal.
  • Children under the age of 7 are admitted free with an adult.
  • Personal massage chairs are available.

Política de Cancelación

Se permiten cancelaciones hasta 24 horas antes de su horario de recepción para obtener un reembolso completo. Las cancelaciones que se efectúen con menos de 24 horas antes de su horario de recepción no serán elegibles para obtener un reembolso.

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Ataturk International Airport
Ataturk International AirportISTIstanbul, Turkey
Ubicado en International Terminal (seguridad interior). After Passport Control, turn right. The lounge is located at the end of the corridor, downstairs from the Food Court Area.
    Los tiempos de viaje son estimados y no están garantizados. Los aeropuertos pueden exigir que vuelva a pedir autorización al área de seguridad e inmigración para tener acceso al lounge. El área de control puede solicitar una tarjeta de embarque que salga de la terminal. Para los lounges VIP que se encuentren dentro del área de seguridad o inmigración, primero debe facturar su equipaje y obtener su pase de embarque.

    Comentarios (44)

    Necesita mejorarAlmost everything in the description is wrong. Terrible food, broken showers, queues for a toilet and no seats. People take up multiple chairs and sofas without staff intervention. Simply terrible!
    Douglas enero 2019
    SatisfactorioWorn out lounge with a nominal selection of food. Soggy pastries for breakfast not really worth a detour unless it’s free. Bugs on the floor. The bar is large & pretty though.
    Kellyseptiembre 2018
    Necesita mejorarA place for families, not business. Noisy and crowded, with kids’ play areas. Lines for the bathrooms. The food is from cans or a freezer. Gates 300+ are quieter and better food options.
    Spacemanagosto 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseDecent lounge. Probably best lounge for kids in Ataturk bigger and same things as Comfort Lounge.
    Anonymousjulio 2018
    SatisfactorioExtremely busy and noisy. Food options almost non existent but ample alcoholic beverage options. Restroom is clean and so it’s the shower. Not a remarkable lounge, but no options in Ataturk Airport.
    Franciscojulio 2018
    SatisfactorioBetter than the terminal. Food selection is pretty bad. Drinks okay. No US outlets or USB plugs.
    Drew Bachmayo 2018
    SatisfactorioNo USB ports, or international electrical outlets, just European outlets. Small, and basic location. Food is OK, but certainly no frills.
    Anonymousabril 2018
    Necesita mejorarBy far the worst customer service. This is supposed to be a lounge at an airport where thousands of people come and go on a daily basis. HIRE PEOPLE WHO ARE CUSTOMER FRIENDLY.
    Jesse abril 2018
    ExcelenteI am now in this lounge. This place is awesome. Snacks and coffee is good. Seating is comfortable. Washrooms are outside but clean.
    Mohsinmarzo 2018
    SatisfactorioCrowded, loud and only 2 WC per gender. The snacks are very poor but the beer nice and cold. By the price, it beats staying around at the airport. Only don’t expect much. Another plus, wi-fi speedy!
    Alessandranoviembre 2017
    Necesita mejorarBought access for my parents as they had a stopover at IST. Extremely overcrowded, limited food, long lines to use rest rooms forget the showers. They left with a very bad impression of the facility.
    Sid noviembre 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat place to wait for flight and take a shower. Good food selection. Access through Priority Pass.
    Anonymousoctubre 2017
    SatisfactorioNice and comfortable chairs to sit. Limited availability on bathrooms considering the size. Food is sub par. Liked the overall decor.
    DKoctubre 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseUsed the lounge with a 4 hour layover. It features a quiet zone (no kids) which is a plus. Food and beverage options are plenty and wifi is strong. For a €30 price tag definitely worthwhile.
    Thomasseptiembre 2017
    SatisfactorioI wouldn't recommend, poor food and lousy service. If it's busy you'll queue ages to go to the restroom. A few airlines put business class travellers in here. The bar is OK, has decent range of booze.
    Roger Whitakerjunio 2017
    Necesita mejorarWas very underwhelming in every way. Am here at noon and there is no quality food. Only some cheese bread and salad. Certainly could be better.
    Anonymousmayo 2017
    Necesita mejorarMost of the staff isn't really interested in doing their job and giving service. Very limited food options.
    Anonymousmayo 2017
    Necesita mejorarOvercrowded, bad food, too loud, definitely not worth IT.
    Hanonidiciembre 2016
    SatisfactorioOnly quality & variety of food very very low.
    Babaknoviembre 2016
    Necesita mejorarVery crowded lounge. More people than there is seating. Food is very basic. Bathrooms were not very clean. Terrible lounge.
    Anonymousoctubre 2016
    SatisfactorioThe lounge isn't super spectacular, but good for free WiFi and snacks. Don't think it's food, its only snacks. Lounge is also super crowded, they did have a PS4 and XBox 360 though.
    Anonymousseptiembre 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseComfortable, spacious enough, and functional. Food selection looked pretty decent. No bar tender, for some reason. Lockers for luggage were a nice touch. Towels in shower were paper, not cloth.
    Anonymousjulio 2016
    Vale la pena desviarsePerfecto para un descanso en tan ajetreado aeropuerto. Si te sacas la tarjeta de socio al entrar te cuesta 29€ y no tienes límite de tiempo!!
    Adriánjunio 2016
    SatisfactorioIt's a busy lounge and very spacious lounge. Has average food and bad customer service.
    caroljunio 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseThe best lounge for Priority Pass customers at IST. Good selection of food and drinks. The bar has all standard drinks and a good selection of local wines.
    Alexmayo 2016
    SatisfactorioGood food selection. Barcelona is OK. There are only two showers, first come first serve basis, they are not the cleanest. The lounge is crowded throughout the day. Big lockers for carry on are a plus.
    Alfiemayo 2016
    SatisfactorioThey have showers, towel is a disposable paper towel, food okay hot, and lots of staff that are not helpful.
    Lord Middletonabril 2016
    Necesita mejorarSmall, crowded, Internet terribly slow...
    Janmarzo 2016
    SatisfactorioHuge but crowded. People standing because no seats, but staff let more people in. Food great, best I've had in a lounge and great variety. Desk staff rude, wait staff nice. Bright, but few windows.
    Alanenero 2016
    SatisfactorioNot bad ... But very crowded. Food was decent selection, cans of juices, fresh orange juice and bottles of water. But jockeying for seats make it a challenge.
    Brianenero 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseNot so bad for a third-party lounge. Otherwise, very fresh modern décor and an excellent range of food, drinks and entertainment opportunities.
    flyingphotographerdiciembre 2015
    Necesita mejorarThe only good thing about this lounge is the bar. Food is very low quality and service is very poor.
    Henrik Kochoctubre 2015
    Necesita mejorarUnfriendly lounge, poor food, value : 5-10€, not more!
    Gillesagosto 2015
    SatisfactorioVery crowded. Wifi very slow. Showers dirty, no ventilation, and only awful disposable towels provided. The food quality is its only redeeming feature.
    Pauljunio 2015
    SatisfactorioLarge and noisy business lounge. Unfriendly reception, horrid greasy food, both showers not working, worn couches, reasonable wireless internet, and clean toilets. Not recommended.
    Spinaciaabril 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseVery nice lounge. I use it often. Not easy to sleep here though, even at night, as the lighting is bright and the chairs are not comfortable enough. Food is nice, but the portions are teeny tiny!
    Jaymarzo 2015
    Vale la pena desviarsePoor Wi-Fi but good food selection, hot and cold. Drinks too. Can be really really noisy when kids are present. Always seems to have lots of kids. Avoid if you need to sleep during you layover.
    Jannetmarzo 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseReasonable lounge. Probably not worth paying for unless you have a long layover.
    Timmarzo 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseService and food are good, spacious for Istanbul & not crowded. Loose power receptacles by chairs so I had to brace my power converter to stay plugged in, and bathrooms are clean. Fee was TL 69,05.
    Michaelenero 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseNice lounge, decent selection of food and beverages. Reasonably comfortable.
    Elliotseptiembre 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat food selection. Lots of space. Nicely decorated with cool photos. Showers are nice but may be out of towels and floor may be flooded. Staff cleans eating hour regularly and efficiently.
    Douglasjulio 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseVery nice lounge. Good value for the cost, especially for a 6 hour layover in Istanbul. Beer was cold, food was hot, not crowded at all, l definitely will use again.
    Lindajunio 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseGreat food, loved the showers and fairly empty.
    Bryanjunio 2014
    ExcelenteVery nice lounge. Not too big but very comfortable. Excellent food.
    Santiagomayo 2014

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