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Hugo Junkers Lounge

DUSTerminal B (seguridad interior)

Regardless of the airline you fly and the class of ticket you hold, the Hugo Junkers Lounge provides an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the open buffet of snacks and refreshments and recharge with a refreshing shower.

Abierto en este momento5:15am - 9:00pm

Horario de atención

lunes5:15am - 9:00pmmartes5:15am - 9:00pmmiércoles5:15am - 9:00pmjueves5:15am - 9:00pmviernes5:15am - 9:00pmsábado5:15am - 9:00pmdomingo5:15am - 9:00pm

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18+ Cardholder
18+ Cardholder
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Spirits & Liquor
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Información importante

  • This lounge is only accessible for departing Schengen and Non-Schengen passengers. Non-Schengen passengers should allow sufficient time to clear Passport Control after leaving the lounge to get to their departure gate.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • Hours of operation for Christmas Eve 5:15 am - 3:00 pm, Christmas Day 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, December 26th 5:15 am - 7:00 pm, New Year's Eve 5:15 am - 3:00 pm, and New Year's Day 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Política de Cancelación

Se permiten cancelaciones hasta 24 horas antes de su horario de recepción para obtener un reembolso completo. Las cancelaciones que se efectúen con menos de 24 horas antes de su horario de recepción no serán elegibles para obtener un reembolso.

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Dusseldorf Airport
Dusseldorf AirportDUSDüsseldorf, Germany
Ubicado en Terminal B (seguridad interior). After the Security Checkpoint, turn right and take the stairs to Level 2, follow the signs to the lounge at Pier B in the Schengen Area.
    Los tiempos de viaje son estimados y no están garantizados. Los aeropuertos pueden exigir que vuelva a pedir autorización al área de seguridad e inmigración para tener acceso al lounge. El área de control puede solicitar una tarjeta de embarque que salga de la terminal. Para los lounges VIP que se encuentren dentro del área de seguridad o inmigración, primero debe facturar su equipaje y obtener su pase de embarque.

    Comentarios (35)

    Vale la pena desviarseBasic lounge with OK food and drinks. Service “OK” (Empty food pans in buffet, employees seem stressed), cleanliness sub-par.
    Anonymousoctubre 2018
    SatisfactorioAlways dirt/crumbles on the tables, it's like the rest of this airport: outdated, not clean, slow. The food offer is low in both variation as well as quality. Still beats waiting at the gate however.
    Anonymousoctubre 2018
    Vale la pena desviarseBom lounge com opcoes de comida quente e várias opções de bebidas.
    Anonymousabril 2018
    SatisfactorioAs stated prior, there are limited power outlets. The staff is friendly but it is a basic lounge.
    Anonymousfebrero 2018
    Necesita mejorarGood beverage selection, food is below average.
    Anonymousdiciembre 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseGood lounge with decent sandwich selection and beers.
    Anonymousoctubre 2017
    Necesita mejorarThis lounge is to be avoided, it is a construction zone. The aircon is useless. The floor is disgusting. There are very few power points. Seating is limited.
    Anonymousseptiembre 2017
    Necesita mejorarOh my good. Food options seem good but it's hard to enjoy them without a single seat free! It was PACKED.
    Stefanoseptiembre 2017
    SatisfactorioA two star review because of the simply horrid canned Spanish music played during the entire time I waited here....impossible to relax, I work with that racket going on.
    Stevenjulio 2017
    Vale la pena desviarsePlenty of seating - good wifi - decent drinks selection - food average. Great view of the airport. Worth a visit.
    Davemayo 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseQuality lounge with good food & drink options. Very busy however, hard to find seats. Bathrooms are a bit outdated -- could use a refresh.
    Ryanmayo 2017
    Vale la pena desviarseVery friendly. We bought day pass for 25 Euro. Good continental buffet. Fast wifi. Nowhere to rest or store luggage. No bar beer & wine along w/sodas & coffee out for the taking.
    Kellyenero 2017
    ExcelenteI was skeptical but it's a great lounge. Decent food and drinks, plus they had a big jar of Haribo gummies, so I can't complain! Wifi is pretty fast, too.
    Christiandiciembre 2016
    SatisfactorioFood was awful. Beer selection was sub-par for a German lounge. Seating was relatively comfortable. On the positive side, the shower was clean and very nice after a long transatlantic flight.
    akwnoviembre 2016
    SatisfactorioLounge is OK really, it does what it's intended for which is keeping you comfortable for an hour or two. Food selection isn't great, and it was relatively full at lunchtime on Wednesday.
    Yuvalnoviembre 2016
    SatisfactorioJust okay, not more. Has been renovated recently, but still packed in the morning and only basic offerings.
    Thojooctubre 2016
    SatisfactorioPoor, dirty lounge. Especially in the morning. Food selection poor. Croissants quite dry.
    Patrickseptiembre 2016
    Necesita mejorarThe so-called warm food was almost cold and the spoon I took for the yoghurt was dirty.
    Prof. Martin Woeslerseptiembre 2016
    SatisfactorioNote that you can only enter once per day no matter what your credentials are. Would let us in again after visiting the city during a 7 hour layover. This rule makes no sense.
    Tonyjulio 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseReally tasty free food. Great little sandwiches and stuff.
    Markjunio 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseThis is a no brainer if you have more than an hour layover. Close to A & C. Comfortable, plenty of seating throughout the day, & snacks and drinks on the house. More than worth the price! No time limit.
    Erinabril 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseNot much food choice ... drinks are ok but could be cooler.
    Maximilianmarzo 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseMore food choices and free alcoholic drinks than what you find at a AA domestic lounge. Considering this is a business lounge, it's pretty quiet.
    Olliefebrero 2016
    Vale la pena desviarseDetoured here even though departing from different terminal (all accessible airside). Plenty of room, yummy hot food (wraps, fried veggie cakes, chicken skewers). Better than Lufthansa's lounge in DUS.
    Pauldiciembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseSimple layout, elegant and modern but basic. Simple breakfast options. Wouldn't call it luxurious but nonetheless if you have access it's worth the trip.
    Coreydiciembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseA really nice third-party lounge with a stylish and comfortable interiors, friendly staff and a fully acceptable range of food and beverage.
    flyingphotographerdiciembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseSpacious, nice tarmac view, small selection of mediocre food, attentive staff that keeps the environment clean and tidy. Not too bad!
    Willemoctubre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseIt's generally quite nice, but the strange smell coming out of the kitchen's industry dishwasher machines is weird. Restrooms new. Lots of space. Bar is standard. Nice view over airfield.
    Anonymousseptiembre 2015
    ExcelenteOne of the best European lounges so far! Lots of free space, few people, great food (premium and snacks). Very good wifi. Perfect place to relax while waiting for a flight.
    Mikamayo 2015
    ExcelenteNice lounge with view to tarmac if not too crowded or at rush hour. Food selection changes by time of day. All self service, selection good and so is the wifi without a password. Staff helpful.
    planetruthabril 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseA solid business lounge with a selection of continental breakfast and drinks, newspapers etc.
    Navidmarzo 2015
    ExcelenteI'd call this lounge utilitarian. It served its purpose. Internet was good, decor mediocre, food passable. I wasn't expecting anything more from a regional airport, so ultimately no complaints!
    Anonymousdiciembre 2015
    Vale la pena desviarseSpacious, clean, and relaxing. Not busy in the early morning hours I was there. Only continental breakfast available.
    Fredseptiembre 2014
    SatisfactorioSome comfortable leather armchairs, and a big area that feels like a bar. The majority of the seats aren't comfortable though. The Tarmac views are okay, and the food selection is scarce.
    Richardmayo 2014
    Vale la pena desviarseFor an independent lounge the hot food and service are on par with some of the better airline provided lounges. This is a popular place so get here early to get the best hot food.
    Amyfebrero 2014

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