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The Club at ATL

ATLConcourse F (seguridad interior)

A much welcomed reprieve in the world’s busiest airport. Enjoy attractive, modern facilities in a spacious, comfortable atmosphere. Relax with a fancy cocktail at the bar, take advantage of high speed Wi-Fi, turbocharge your phone through one of countless power ports, and savor a rejuvenating shower before your long haul flight.

Cerrado en este momento6:00am - 10:30pm

Horario de atención

lunes6:00am - 10:30pmmartes6:00am - 10:30pmmiércoles6:00am - 10:30pmjueves6:00am - 10:30pmviernes6:00am - 10:30pmsábado6:00am - 10:30pmdomingo6:00am - 10:30pm

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Información importante

  • Children under 12 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • Alcoholic drinks are only available to passengers 21 years of age or older.
  • Power outlets are available.
  • Fax facilities are subject to payment.
  • International calls are subject to payment.

Política de Cancelación

  • Cancele hasta 24 horas antes de la hora de su reservación para obtener un reembolso completo. Conozca más
  • Puede entrar al lounge una hora antes o después de la hora de su reservación. Su reservación comienza en el momento de la entrada.


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International AirportATLAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Ubicado en Concourse F (seguridad interior). Proceed up to the Mezzanine Level, follow signs to the lounge entrance.
  • 15 minutos de Concourse E
  • 20 minutos de Concourse D
  • 25 minutos de Concourse C
  • 25 minutos de Concourse B
  • 30 minutos de Concourse A
Los tiempos de viaje son estimados y no están garantizados. Los aeropuertos pueden exigir que vuelva a pedir autorización al área de seguridad e inmigración para tener acceso al lounge. El área de control puede solicitar una tarjeta de embarque que salga de la terminal. Para los lounges VIP que se encuentren dentro del área de seguridad o inmigración, primero debe facturar su equipaje y obtener su pase de embarque.

Comentarios (85)

ExcelenteThe best service I’ve experienced. The food choices and take away options for those with a shorter layover were minimal. The key feature of this lounge IMO is the bar.
Baronfebrero 2019
Necesita mejorarHad a one hour layover. Traveled all the way from A gates to F gates. Get there and guy tells me that they are full and minimum of 1-hour wait list. Unsatisfactory. Big waste of time.
Williamenero 2019
Vale la pena desviarseI think this lounge was pretty good. “F” concourse for FAR AWAY. Super attentive staff. Bathroom a bit amiss. Good snacks. Basic eats. Give 20 min for return trip depending on your gate.
EAenero 2019
Vale la pena desviarseThe lounge is very popular. They were putting everyone on a wait list due to max capacity. When not full, it is nice.
Michaelnoviembre 2018
Vale la pena desviarseWas a short stay, was moderately filled. Enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, with helpful staff member. Lunch had just been brought out at 1310, looked to be of good quality.
Anonymousoctubre 2018
SatisfactorioOK lounge. Not a huge food selection, mostly finger foods. Crumbs everywhere from floor to seats. Good service. Needs a little TLC and attention to detail and could go from OK to amazing lounge!
Anonymousseptiembre 2018
ExcelenteHad no problem getting in with Priority Pass at 4pm on a Wednesday. Good snacks and lots of individual seating for solo travelers.
SJCWagosto 2018
ExcelenteGreat experience. Had a 5.5 hr layover in Atlanta with my fiancé and it was perfect to spend 3 hrs. Great food & drinks and employees were very attentive, refilling drinks often.
Johnjulio 2018
Necesita mejorarUseless, no access to Priority Pass members for another 150 minutes. Why does PP list this place?
David Shellyjunio 2018
Vale la pena desviarseFood is not great, WIFI is spotty but the bar is excellent. Amazing staff and relaxed environment. ATL lounges are not great in general, but of the options, this is my pick.
Lizbeth junio 2018
Necesita mejorarExcited about going to a lounge after for the first time after buying a membership and get there and am told it is closed to memberships for the next two hours until int'l flights leave, what a waste.
Ryanmayo 2018
ExcelenteEmpty on a Sunday morning around 7am, decent food and drink options, plenty of seating and power along the armchairs.
Financial Hippieabril 2018
Necesita mejorarVery disappointed with this lounge. About 11am on Sunday, only food was cereal, snacks, and cheap bagels. Coffee/juice, no bar. $40, REALLY?! AMEX Plat got me in free...still not worth it. 😕
Johnabril 2018
Necesita mejorarI thought people were just being tough on this lounge, and then I went there....ouch
Jacobabril 2018
SatisfactorioSmells like a wet locker. Decent drinks, bad food. It’s way too crowded most of the time. Maxed to capacity when we last went by.
James Williamsonmarzo 2018
Necesita mejorarWas closed at 8:30 AM on 3/18/18. No signs posted.
Señormarzo 2018
SatisfactorioOne of the worst lounges I’ve been too, overstuffed with people, low quality booze and food.
Markfebrero 2018
Vale la pena desviarseThis had the basic amenities of what a normal lounge would have. Nothing spectacular.
Banenero 2018
Vale la pena desviarseStaff was great! Food was stocked! Very nice place to wait for my flight despite how busy it was.
Anonymousenero 2018
ExcelenteLounge iluminado, especialmente cómodo en la jornada de la mañana, ya que en la tarde hay mucha gente, reponen la comida frecuentemente, la ducha es muy cómoda y el servicio es excepcional.
Julietaenero 2018
Vale la pena desviarseFull bar with bartender, enough food selections to make a decent meal (none hot) and snacks like fruit and chips that are perfect to take with. Nice view.
Anonymousnoviembre 2017
Vale la pena desviarseSi bien no es de los mejores lounges vale la pena el acceso. Una buena opción para escalas largas. Tiene Buenas duchas pero hay que reservarlas al llegar.
Anonymousoctubre 2017
Vale la pena desviarseA little crowded and a few outlets didn’t work. Food was better than expected. Nice drink selection and the bartender was friendly.
Anonymousseptiembre 2017
Necesita mejorarThis is not a place to rest or stop or do kidding.... some ghetto stuff..I'm not sure if that word is allowed to be used but maybe spend money across in the Delta Sky Club.. not here.
Anonymousseptiembre 2017
SatisfactorioHonestly after just coming from a Centurion Lounge I literally spent five minutes here before walking out in disgust. Don't waste your time walking all the way here from the other terminals.
Hustlajulio 2017
Vale la pena desviarseDecent lounge with drinks, snacks, wifi, and lots of seating. Nice showers and bathrooms.
Mikejulio 2017
Vale la pena desviarseMore crowded than I would have preferred, but not bad.
Gabejunio 2017
SatisfactorioThis is awful food. Like worse than the worst free food at a horrible hotel. Raspberry chipotle? Is this a joke? People are nice. Bar is big. Chairs are okay. Power outlets abound.
Collinjunio 2017
ExcelenteNice place. Not as busy as Delta lounges. Great drink selection and decent food.
Anonymousmayo 2017
Vale la pena desviarseNice lounge. Really crowded though.
Anonymousmayo 2017
Vale la pena desviarseWas flying southwest out of C terminal but ended up trying this. Worth detour - free snacks and tiny sandwiches and good selection of wine, beers and alcohol.
Shri Biradarmayo 2017
ExcelenteFront desk and bar staff is so sweet. Food is good for snack/light lunch. Showers and bathroom were very clean. Free booze as promised. Plenty of seating in Monday afternoon.
Katherineabril 2017
Vale la pena desviarseSnooty woman at check in, as usual. The rest is decent. Your basic lounge. Nowhere to sleep and limited window seating. Showers are a plus and the bathrooms were very nice and clean at 6:15AM.
Anonymousabril 2017
SatisfactorioCrowded at 5pm on a Monday when I went - 90% full. The drinks were good, but the food was some simple sandwiches and hummus.
Evanabril 2017
Vale la pena desviarseBright light and clean with excellent service. Food is mediocre.
Anonymousmarzo 2017
Necesita mejorarFood gone 1 hour prior to closing. I was reminded repeatedly that they were closing in 1 hour. Told that they don't carry ketchup, which I then found at the bar. Worst service I've ever seen.
Meganfebrero 2017
SatisfactorioNot bad but not great. I could not find a power outlet that worked so I left early to charge my phone. People were nice and drinks were readily available. I give it 2.5 stars.
Brianfebrero 2017
Vale la pena desviarseLounge is a great option if you don't have access to DL SC. Lunch selection is all cold with hard boiled eggs, cheese, and veggies with hummus. Bar is good. Easy, quick ride to F from other concourses.
Anonymousfebrero 2017
SatisfactorioFriendly and helpful staff, basic food items with soup, sandwiches, chips. A bit crowded both times we've been here. Showers are decent.
Anonymousenero 2017
Vale la pena desviarseLunch offerings were good with sandwiches, soup, salads. Free drinks! Breakfast is pretty lame. Staff is efficient but the seats need deep cleaning! Plenty of plugs but some of them don't work.
Angelaenero 2017
SatisfactorioCrowded New Years Eve. Difficult to find a place to sit. Lots of families with children. Many chairs dirty. Good snack selection, but mediocre food quality. No towels in restroom. Rating: Meh.
Krisenero 2016
SatisfactorioThe lounge is nice, but several powerports aren't working & clean dishes are hard to find. While the snack selection seems to be replenished often, one of the coffee makers is down. Many kids in here.
Kristydiciembre 2016
Vale la pena desviarseThe food was picked over, but the drinks were good. And the service was great.
[email protected]diciembre 2016
ExcelenteShower felt amazing. Best food selection in ATL. Lots of space. Not crowded. Highly recommend.
Jareddiciembre 2016
ExcelenteBar was nice. Lots of people, but didn't feel crowded. Chicken salad wraps and tomato soup were on point.
Anonymousnoviembre 2016
Vale la pena desviarseGreat service + servers going around taking orders. Average food options -- finger food and soups. It's a small lounge with cramped seating, but had no trouble finding a lounge chair to sit in.
Ryan Woctubre 2016
SatisfactorioFriendly staff, nice bar and good finger foods. Worth trip to F if you don't have access to anything else.
JBoctubre 2016
SatisfactorioWorth the train ride out to F, but don't expect too much. Minimal food spread at lunch time. Fairly empty and quiet - a good place to get some work done.
Christianagosto 2016
ExcelenteWorthwhile train ride over here. I sat at the bar the entire time and kept the cocktails coming (included). I enjoyed hummus, pita bread, and some finger sandwiches. Great service!
Brian agosto 2016
ExcelenteLounge was good, I only sat at the bar getting Long Islands so I can't say much, tried to take a shower but it was occupied, only 2 showers available, but other than that I had a blast!
Anonymousagosto 2016
Vale la pena desviarseSolid lounge in Atlanta. Usual morning fare with cereals, yogurt, muffins, etc. Ample seating. Business center. Showers. Very clean as far as I could tell!
Billy Boyagosto 2016
Vale la pena desviarseVery reasonable option in ATL. Visited in the morning. Basic breakfast with cereals, yogurt, fruit, and bagels. Not crowded. Quite clean. Better than most Delta clubs.
Williamagosto 2016
ExcelenteVery clean lounge with some of the most exceptionally pleasant and friendly service I have experienced in a lounge. Very pleased.
Tomagosto 2016
Vale la pena desviarseHere at noon on a weekday. Plenty of seats. Only food is hummus, pita bread, and chips. No bartender to be seen. Will probably head to Sky Club across the hall instead.
Bobjulio 2016
ExcelenteI don't expect much on a domestic trip. Found this lounge to be worth the trip to Concourse F.
Anonymousjunio 2016
SatisfactorioNO PLACE TO NAP HERE.
Danieljunio 2016
Vale la pena desviarsePlenty of space to relax, nice selection of food and beverages.
Chris junio 2016
ExcelenteBest Priority Pass lounge I've ever been to. Great food, great view, and amazing service! Don't have to leave my chair to get a drink! (Or refills!)
Kira Campbellmayo 2016
Vale la pena desviarseBartender Irina makes fantastic Bloody Mary's. Very quiet lounge, bar is a little uncomfortable and the view is only so-so. Bathrooms very private and clean. Overall, very OK.
Anonymousmayo 2016
SatisfactorioBasic lounge with decent snacks but no real food. Service was good. Furniture was meh.
Eltonmayo 2016
Vale la pena desviarseLike all Club locations, this one in ATL is fresh, modern and spacious. Minimal breakfast but much more substantial dinner choices. Free cocktails. Even have showers, a huge plus. Worth the detour!
Paulabril 2016
ExcelenteAwesome spot. Fast Wifi. Lots of power. Couldn't ask for more.
Anonymousmarzo 2016
Vale la pena desviarseDecent size lounge with modern furniture. Soup and sandwich offerings. Good variety of complimentary alcoholic beverages. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Levellfebrero 2016
Vale la pena desviarseCame at 2ish pm. Decent food selection, brisk service, ample space. Wish they had lids for their to-go cups!
solewalkerseptiembre 2015
Vale la pena desviarseThis is a "fresh" lounge, not too big but still a looker. Good snack options (salads and veggies), clean...but really crowded during the day.
Miaagosto 2015
Vale la pena desviarsePretty good lounge but far from all domestic terminals. Limited food options as with all domestic lounges.
Anonymousjulio 2015
Vale la pena desviarseNot many food options before noon, however, a good quiet place to have a coffee and check email. Evening had a much better food selection and the bar is well stocked.
Anonymousjulio 2015
SatisfactorioBreakfast food is very limited, cold only. I did not stay long. Delta lounge next door has better breakfast and is a nicer lounge.
Dougmayo 2015
Vale la pena desviarseDecent lounge. New furnishings. Can get crowded as it is serving most intl flts except Delta.
Baranabril 2015
Vale la pena desviarsePleasant lounge, plenty of light snacks, full bar, was worth hopping on inter-terminal train since currently no alternatives.
Kirkwoodabril 2015
Vale la pena desviarseGood selection of free alcoholic drinks and cold food, as well as some hot soups. Friendly staff, lots of space, and decent Wi-Fi made for a pleasant stay.
Nickmarzo 2015
Vale la pena desviarseNice, quiet lounge in international terminal. May be a long trek from your domestic gate. Good drink selection, decent service and seats, and good finger foods but served late (2:30pm).
Chethanmarzo 2015
Vale la pena desviarseFood is sparse before 2:30 but lounge is very clean; WELL stocked bar and staff is exceptional. ??
Lesliemarzo 2015
ExcelenteGreat lounge compared to US domestic airline lounges. Reasonably sized, friendly staff, and more importantly, more substantial food like sandwiches.
Kevindiciembre 2015
Vale la pena desviarsePlenty of options for food. Kind of far from other clubs.
Michaeldiciembre 2014
Necesita mejorarDon't waste your time coming to this lounge before 5pm if you're looking for something to eat. Just a few snack items with nothing more substantial than pita and hummus before then.
Jamesnoviembre 2014
SatisfactorioCrowded! The crowd around the bar feels like a crowded speakeasy...
Tomnoviembre 2014
SatisfactorioOvercrowded, air conditioning wasn't working well. A disappointment.
Ryanseptiembre 2014
ExcelenteThe Club is a nice, clean, and modern lounge to relax and pass the time. The staff was very courteous and they provided a little more variety of snacks than other lounges.
Genjulio 2014
Vale la pena desviarseThis is a very clean, modern lounge with all the expected amenities. The only minor flaws was the limited food variety at breakfast time and the customer service was average.
Benjaminmayo 2014
ExcelenteThis is a nice lounge with a great staff.
Michaelmayo 2014
SatisfactorioThis small lounge offers views of a parking garage ramp and the TSA queue. This is basically a room with a divider making a semi-private computer room. Fresh fruit is also available.
Benabril 2014
Vale la pena desviarseOn the Sunday night that I was here, the lounge was fairly crowded. Lots of free food choices (soups, sandwiches, and typical snacks). The bar is decent, and there's a self-serve non-alcohol station.
Ellennoviembre 2013
ExcelenteThis is an excellent lounge that offers all that you might want from a lounge.
Carlnoviembre 2013
Vale la pena desviarseNew furnishings, comfortable chairs, and plentiful power plugs make this place great. Enjoy the great buffet, decent selection of name-brand liquors and international papers as well.
Henryoctubre 2013

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